Anklet for Circulation
*It supports proper blood circulation in the lower limbs, alleviating heaviness and stiffness. It helps to lessen swelling and tone up the legs. It is to be worn around the ankle. It can be worn both day and night. *Not a substitute for medical care.
Anti-Stress Bracelet
This bracelet with alchemical liquids helps improve mood, by balancing states of anxiety and relieving related problems. It is to be worn two hours a day.
Astral Travel Pyramid
It is a small pyramid shaped structure. It promotes the integration of the subtle bodies of the wearer, assisting in their conscious separation from the physical body. It facilitates out-of-body experiences.
Aura Bracelet
It connects to the vital force present in nature and diffuses it inside the wearer's aura in order to refresh and strengthen the personal energy field, while keeping it "clean" and in flow.
Book - Dying to Learn
Dying to Learn: First Book of the Initiate
Book - Reborn to Live
Reborn to Live: Second Book of the Initiate
Book - Seven Scarlet Doors
Seven Scarlet Doors: Third Book of the Initiate
Book - The Alchemist
The extraordinary childhood years of the founder of Damanhur in 33 tales
Book of Synchronicity
A modern translation of an ancient book of magic by the contemporary Italian spiritual leader Oberto Airaudi, The Book of Synchronicity taps into the "Synchronic Lines" - rivers of spiritual energy that flow through the universe.
Bracelet for Boys and Girls
Used between 7 and 12 years, it supports their energy field and helps them grow up harmoniously.
Bracelet for Harmonious Relationships
This self creates a balanced, harmonious and orderly energetic field to support harmonious relationships, first of all with oneself and as a consequence also with others. It increases self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-appreciation.
Bracelet to Counter Shyness
This bracelet helps in communication and sharing with others, counteracting the effects of shyness and inspiring self-confidence in the wearer.
Class - The Path to Spiritual Freedom
The Path to Spiritual Freedom January 23 and 24, 2015 9am - 5 pm in Boulder Location given upon registration
Creative Inspiration Bracelet
The function of this bracelet it to fine-tune and align the different parts of of the wearer's mind so that inspiration can emerge freely. This Self has a general effect on inspiration.
Dietary Bracelet
Helps to overcome unhealthy eating habits and in particular improve the relationship the wearer has with food. Thanks to this bracelet, in a short period it is possible to achieve consistent results in controlling diet.
Dowsing Pendulum Selfica
An effective instrument for the research and practice of dowsing. Thanks to its selfic structure, it attunes easily with its user bypassing and filtering their possible expectations and desires and thus allowing for very accurate responses.
Immune System Bracelet
It stimulates the immune system and supports vitality by strengthening the body's defenses, especially from an energetic point of view. It is particularly useful at the change of the season and to alleviate the effects of jet lag.
Infant Bracelet
This Self protects the integrity of the vital aura in the first years of life facilitating the harmonious growth of the child (birth to seven years old). This Self is intended for personal use, and will not be effective if shared.
Memory Selfica
Strengthens memory and can be used for study, in daily life and to reinforce the part of the memory linked to profound spirituality. Its structure is similar to the section of the brain that deals with memory. It is to be carried inside the aura.
Mind-Heart Ring
It synchronizes and harmonizes the energy field of the heart with that of the mind, creating a relationship between the rational and emotional aspects of the user. It facilitates contact with the deepest parts of oneself.
Multi-Functional Bracelet #1
It combines the functions of four Selfic bracelets. Supports the body fully by strengthening the vital aura, protects against electromagnetic fields, transforms frequencies of energies that create destructive interference, and boosts the immune system.
Multi-Functional Bracelet #2
This bracelet supports the harmony of the mind and emotions. The constant use of this bracelet facilitates inner dialogue, centering and balance, creating the basis for the awakening of profound personal talents.
Music of the Plants Machine
Listen to and interact with your own plants with this device. When clipped onto a plant's leaves and roots, it reads electrical variations which are fed into a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) instrument and converted into real time music.
Nature Selfica
It lessens the energetic barriers that clothes made of non-organic or synthetic fabrics and chemical dies create between our body and the vital force of nature. It can be worn as a pendant or pinned to any item of clothing.
Neck Self against cervical and head pain
This very effective Self concentrates its action in the area between the neck and the shoulder blades, producing a long-lasting analgesic effect in a very short time. It is recommended also against cervical arthritis and to relax tensions in the shoulders
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