Anklet for Circulation


It supports proper blood circulation in the lower limbs, alleviating heaviness and stiffness.
It helps to lessen swelling and tone up the legs.
It is to be worn around the ankle. It can be worn both day and night.

In the field of mind-body wellness, the use of Selfica is not a substitute for medical care.

This Self is intended for personal use, and will not be effective if shared.

Selfica is a field of empirical research developed through experimentation conducted by Damanhurians.

The Selfica laboratory "Selet" conducts research in the field of energies linked to the use of metals. Selfica is an ancient art that creates structures based on precise mathematics, which connect to specialized energies and intelligences. Experts in Selfica direct their research to the creation of "living" objects with functions that are aimed specifically at the well being of the user. Among their many uses, Selfs are used to encourage personal and environmental harmony, and to amplify sensorial capacities.

The simplest Selfs are made of metal but the staff of Selet workshop also create more complex structures that combine metals with spheres containing alchemical liquids for the transformation of energy.

Other structures unite precious metals with microcircuits constructed in specially prepared inks, to carry out complex energetic functions. These Selfs can be programmed for multiple functions and can be used by more than one person at the same time for different purposes.

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